About Lisa

Why I Want to Help You

Unfortunately, I have struggled with borderline high cholesterol since my early 20’s. I find this especially frustrating since I’ve always aimed to make healthy diet choices and remain physically active. Regardless, my cholesterol wanted to hover between 200-220 mg/dl which I liked to blame on poor genetics. I have a strong family history of heart disease. One grandmother died from a heart attack (not her first) at the age of 69, one grandfather did not recover from quadruple bypass surgery, the other died from a heart attack a year before my birth, and my remaining grandmother lives with diabetes (although she may argue this!).

I’ve always been very interested in healthy living and nutrition. I’m one of those people that likes to think of “food as medicine” and avoid actual medication like the plaque. This led me to pursue a double bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science and go on to become a Registered Dietitian. I started a private practice back in June of 2007. I now specialize in heart health – how to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and lose weight.

I’m thrilled to say I have finally managed to lower my cholesterol to 169 mg/dl! I was amazed by these results after struggling for so many years.

I look forward to showing you how you can achieve heart health through the use of food and physical activity to reduce your dependence on medication.


Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
      Dietetic Internship, 2000

Kansas State University
      B.S. Nutrition and Exercise Science, 1999 Cum Laude Graduate


Private Practice Dietitian
      Self-employed, 2007 – Present

Community Health Dietitian
      South Dakota Department of Health, 2001 – 2006

Long Term Care and Acute Care Dietitian
      Cherry Creek Nursing Center, 2000-2001

Research Assistant
      University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 2000

I especially enjoyed community nutrition. I worked directly with men and women struggling with weight, elevated blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. I saw firsthand how important my support is to stay on the right track. It’s one thing to know what you need to do, but a whole different ballgame when it’s time to implement the changes.


Weight loss
Heart Health
      High blood pressure control
       Lower cholesterol levels

Professional Affiliations

American Dietetic Association
Montana Dietetic Association
Bozeman Dietetic Association

Fun Facts

  • I live in beautiful places. My husband is a park ranger and we currently live in Yellowstone National Park. We’ve also lived at Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park.
  • I enjoy being active. I try to participate in athletic events regularly (not to beat a time, just to say I did it!). I have completed a half-marathon (13.2 miles), team triathlon (18 mile bike ride), and most recently a 10K. Not to mention lots of hiking and skiing.
  • I have two beautiful daughters (that drive me batty at least half the time). My oldest is almost 3 and my youngest 9 months.
  • Books, books, and more books. I am an avid reader and will read just about anything – fiction, nonfiction, mystery, adventure, romance. . . .
  • I love to travel and see new places. My most recent trips include Glacier, National Park, Hawaii, Washington D.C., and New York City.

Programs and Services

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