How to Make Heart Healthy Changes into Lifelong Habits

Have you tried to eat a healthy diet
and be physically active, stuck with it a week or two,
and then fell off the “health wagon”?

If so, it’s time to end the vicious cycle!

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Relapse prevention to avoid reverting to old unhealthy habits

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“The whole time was evaluating my own thoughts, attitudes, and experiences…”


"Ok, I think it’s great. . .you really reeled me in at the very beginning about buying a treadmill on sale and now it’s a clothes rack (so I’m not alone here?!) I really enjoyed reading this and the whole time was evaluating my own thoughts, attitudes, and experiences to see which stage I fall into (which, by the way, is teetering between preparation & contemplation). . . I like the way you threw some wit and humor into it. . ."

~Julie W, Teacher, Salina, KS