Lowered My Blood Pressure in 4 Weeks to the Delight of Both Myself and My Doctor

lower blood pressure

“I have lived with high blood pressure for many years and tried so many things to get it down I was coming to the end of my tether. Not being really overweight I still tried everything like exercise and walking every day. As a result I found I had an over active thyroid that could have killed me. I don’t put added salt in my meals and I try to eat healthy. At the start of August this year I was scheduled to have a total hip replacement and was devastated to find that due to my high blood pressure (176/133) I could not be operated on. I had been waiting for years on a list and I really needed help.

This is when I went on the Internet and sent cries of help and thanks to Lisa Nelson RD who was determined to help me I was on my way to recovery. I realized that I needed to be careful with my food and look out for hidden salts. I cut down on sugar and eliminated things that Lisa had suggested. As a result, and to the sheer delight of both myself and my doctor, I was able to go through with the total hip replacement.( four weeks later)

My blood pressure remained so low (89/40) throughout the procedure and for the next week that I was able to recover quicker. I have only had my surgery done less than a week ago and am feeling terrific, not only is the wound perfect but I have minimal bruising and am having loads of movement. I totally recommend anyone having problems with high blood pressure to follow Lisa Nelson RD’s carefully organized plan. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All I can say is thank you so much Lisa, keep up the good work:)”

~ Janet Duff

Working with Lisa is One of the Best Moves I Could Have Made!

Cholesterol Help

“I found Lisa’s website on the internet and decided to take a gamble and sign-up for a Mini Diet Makeover. The whole time my wife thought it was a bad idea and I knew she was just waiting to say “I told you so!”, but I went ahead and finalized the purchase – one of the best moves I could have made! Lisa has been a GODSEND.

I have to say that I am very impressed with Lisa. She is very knowledgeable and a true professional. Lisa sincerely thinks that she can help me and I believe that also. With my willingness to change and her expertise I think I can lose those thirty pounds and hopefully more before my next trip to the cardiologist office. I’m down 20 pounds and if I continue like this I will be close to my thirty pound goal!”

“I’m 66 years-old with many health problems, including high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and high cholesterol. I also struggle with my weight, which has drastically increased. My cardiologist wants me to lose 30-50 pounds before I have open heart surgery in 6-8 months to fix my aortic stenosis. Before working with Lisa I didn’t know what to do. I had cut back on foods so much I was barely eating anything, but my cardiologist didn’t believe me because I wasn’t losing weight. I now know that I do have to eat a certain amount of calories to keep my metabolism in a fat burning mode (plus exercise). I had always heard this, but my light bulb didn’t come on until I signed up for the Mini Diet Makeover. When I started reading Lisa’s comments in the Mini Diet Makeover I finally “got it”. That’s why I wish I had found her website a lot earlier than I did.

My first impression is that the Mini Diet Makeover seems like a good sensible plan I can stick to. I’ll have to push myself to get everything accomplished. My life could very well depend on it. I wish I had found this plan a few years ago. I have a feeling of confidence that I didn’t have before. The Mini Diet Makeover has helped me a lot and I’m getting more encouraged since starting the Balance Program. I still have a long way to go, but I find myself paying more attention to what I really need to eat as opposed to eating anything I want. I am looking forward to losing a lot more weight over the next six months and beyond.”

~ David Craig, Retired, Madison, NC

Just like to brag about my new test results…


“I don’t know how long I’ve been receiving your emails, but I believe it has had a profound effect on the way I think about food. I have made some dietary modifications, and considering I’m a commercial truck driver, that in itself is an achievement. My doctor wanted me to go for this test and that test, but he was a new doctor, and they always want to do that. I don’t remember all the results from the first battery of tests. I know my cholesterol was high, my triglycerides were very high, and my a1c was 7.5. Doctor wanted me to take medicine for cholesterol and see a dietician. I did neither. I’ve change my diet.

Just like to brag about my new test results…triglycerides 149, overall cholesterol 183, a1c 6.3. My new goal is to make all those numbers even lower + lose 100 lbs.”

~ Ray Challenger, commercial truck driver

My doctor was very impressed with my blood pressure readings.


“All good here thanks to your advice. Just had full blood work done all readings were good. The doctor was very impressed with my blood pressure readings. BMI is now 24 and waist is 34 inches. Thank you for all your advice. You are to be commended for the work you do.”

~ John, retired, Queensland, Australia

A caring, helping hand guide me through a maze in which I was lost!

helping hand
“With Lisa’s daily advice and encouragement, I felt as if I had a caring helping hand guiding me through a maze in which I was lost! She clarified so many of my questions about beneficial foods and supplements which lower cholesterol. I am feeling better eating healthier and walking for exercise, two miles a day, due to Lisa’s encouragement.”

~ Emily, homemaker

Blood pressure drop from 160/95 to 121/82

“I started with BP 160/95. It was a concern to me so I changed my lifestyle starting a plant-based diet with the advice of Lisa Nelson. Now my weight is decreasing and the BP is 121/82. I’m feeling great, looking younger and will NEVER go back to my old lifestyle of salty and fried food. I now enjoy exercising. Thank you Lisa! A big thumbs up all the way from the Bahamas! Thank you for pointing you in the right direction to a better living.”

~ Doral, Bahamas

Lost 35 Pounds, Gained Confidence, and Working Towards Goal Weight

lost 10 pounds

“Thanks for all the info that you sent me. It has given me a real incentive to do more about losing my weight and eating healthy. I’ve been walking 2 to 3 miles a day hoping to get to 5 miles a day. I’ve lost 10 lbs. so far and gained tons of confidence, too. Here’s to losing at least 100 lbs.”

Update: “I have lost 30 lbs. so far and have kept it off. Now to lose even more. When I lose 40 more I’ll be back to the weight I was when I met my husband. Here’s to losing more weight. Take care and God Bless!”

Update: “Thought I’d tell ya that I’ve lost 35 lbs all together now and I’m keeping it off! Still moving forward!”

~ Janessa Schepers, Domestic Engineer, Evansville, IN

After 8 to 9 days my blood pressure has lowered to below 130/90.

lost 10 pounds

“God bless you Lisa for the free course. Before now my blood pressure was always higher than normal (135/95) and sometimes higher. Thank God for the e-course on the natural ways to lower blood pressure. Currently, just after 8 to 9 days of life modifications, my blood pressure has lowered to below 130/90 and hopes to have it lowered more. Thank you Lisa.”

~ Chinonso Ukaegbu, researcher

Blood pressure dropped from 150/90 to 130/80 in just two months!

“I wanted to share some great news with you. I had my checkup with my cardiovascular doctor yesterday and my blood pressure, which was 150/90 two months ago, dropped to 130/80!!! The doctor was clearly impressed and asked what I had been doing, as he rarely sees folks being able to reduce their numbers. I told him I had been following the DASH diet and increasing my daily physical activity with running, cycling and a 30 minute walk at lunchtime. His response was “well you certainly don’t need a cardio doctor!

A big thanks goes to the material you provided which educated me on what I needed to do.


~ Jeff Jennings

Information my doctor did not share with me.

“Many of the things mentioned in this course was not shared by my doctor. I am following your advice in the hopes that I can be taken off some or all of the medications I’m currently on. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me and all who will take advantage of your e-course.”

~ Elder Blease Hollands, Jr., Retired Police Officer

Lowered blood pressure to 117/77 in just six weeks!

“I lowered my bad BP numbers to good ones like 117/77 in just six weeks! Cut out all salt additives, lost 15 pounds and started running/ fast walking in the gym and some swimming. No meds before or after. You just might have saved me a lot of grief!”

~ Kim Kohl, Dallas, Texas

Lowered Cholesterol in Just 3 Months

“In just 3 months I have lowered my cholesterol from 7 down to 5.8 (Australian measures). My hdl is higher, ldl lower, triglycerides are good. The c reactive protein test and homysystene, lipoprotein were all in the normal range. My risk of heart attack is less than 5%, so thank you, I am so glad I googled lowering cholesteral and got onto you.

Thanks for your guidance.”

~ Wendy Burrows, Queensland, Australia

Lowered Total Cholesterol Over 75 Points in 3 Months

lower cholesterol 75 points

“At the beginning of November 2009 I signed up for the e-course How to Lower Cholesterol in 8 Simple Steps. At this time my cholesterol was high at 271 with an LDL of 220, HDL 51, and triglycerides of 155. I have a family history of heart disease. My mother has high blood pressure and takes medication for high cholesterol. Over the past 3 months I have implemented the steps outlined by Lisa. I have lost ~30 pounds (from 205 down to 175 lbs.) and I had my cholesterol rechecked the end of January 2010. I was delighted with the results! My total cholesterol has dropped below 200, my LDL is down to 132, HDL up to 54, and triglycerides dropped to 47!

I continue to follow a healthy diet with regular walking. I feel the best I have in years and look forward to seeing my next lab results!”

~ Dennis Daniel, Textile Management, Atmore, AL

Information Definitely Works – and in a Short Time Period!

“I just want to thank you for your e-lessons and steps on how to Lower Blood Pressure and also how to Lower Cholesterol. Since doctors are not the patients partner in health – only in illness – it is you who’s the partner in health.

Lowering Blood Pressure was for me and Lower Cholesterol was for my husband. Your information definitely works – and in a short time period! Not even medications can do that. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. You are most honorable.”

~ Lore Tarrance, Keller, TX

Blood pressure down to 117 over 79.

“Lisa I really appreciate your help, and just to let you know l have lost 20lbs since Dec. 20th when I saw the doctor. I took my blood pressure this morning and it was 117 over 79. l will get my cholesterol rechecked this week. I’ll let you know how it went. Thanks to your emails I am starting to become a student of heart health!”

~ Vince P, Lewes, Delaware

BP now excellent!

“Job done. BP now excellent! Down to below 120/80 on occasions so pleased. I found your website very valuable as part of my approach. This included losing 42lbs by changing my diet completely, stopping drinking Wine (which I realised was habitual) and exercising. The main thing that I realized was the mindset. People need to adjust their thinking and really want to do it, so many rely on the tablets and do not take personal responsibility for their health.

So many thanks again, the advice and guidance on your website was invaluable and inspirational.”

~ Martin

Lowered cholesterol from 259 to 204.

lower cholesterol 75 points
“Last year my Cholesterol was 259. I said this is enough I’m tired of havering high Cholesterol. I’ve been around 230 for the last 25 years. I made some life changes this year and then with the help of you 8 steps I hope to see it below 200 on my next doctor appointment. I just had a screening and I was 204!

Thank you so much for putting the program out there.”

~ Karen T.

What a difference from my usual 135/76 average!

“I’ve been religiously follow what was set out in your previous emails now wait for it……..

I took my blood pressure late yesterday and got a reading of 121/63. I thought this can’t be right so I did it two more times and got 121/62 and 119/62. What a difference from my usual 135/76 average!”

Thanks once again,
~ John Doyle

Cholesterol meds reduced to every other day…

“I find your information to be very useful, as well as very easily understood and easy to implement. I have been following the DASH Diet for awhile now. My doctor reduced my cholesterol meds to every other day. I hope to one day not need them. She was impressed by my numbers at my last blood tests.”

~ Charlotte, Boise, ID

By following your sage advice I have lowered my cholesterol from 232 to 161 in just 8 1/2 weeks!

lower cholesterol 75 points
“My Triglycerides went from 447 to 131 as well. No drugs!!!

This was all with diet and a half hour of exercise three times a week. I am on cloud nine and am going to celebrate by going to my gym (Curves) today. I did try to add an extra ten minutes of exercise whenever I could sneak in the time.

I did lose 10 lbs, but still have 9lbs to go so I’m not stopping here. I want to raise my good cholesterol above 29 so it is back to exercising more for me.”

~ Pamela Webster, 44 years-old, Cayman Islands

My blood pressure is down and medication cut in HALF.

lower blood pressure

“I have been on the meds since May 2010 after a fibroid surgery. It’s been frustrating because I never had HBP prior to the surgery. My blood pressure is down from 128/80 something to a range of 103-109/75 because I have added potassium, calcium, and omega 3 fish oil to my diet!! Thank you soo much! I have been able to cut my medication in HALF!! (Done in about 30 days!! Maybe less because I didn’t start tracking my blood pressure again until last week!)

I start working out this week next! I am hoping that I will be able to completely come off of it within 6 months once I start adding exercise. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! (Can’t believe my Family physician didn’t remind to keep taking it after I was discharged!)”

~ Tracey Mitchell, Age 42

I learned things that my doctor didn’t tell me.

“My days are so hectic and your e-courses allowed me to be able to read late at night and still get the knowledge needed to help myself more. I felt the way you explained everything was right on point. Why certain foods were better… I learned things that my doctor didn’t tell me. Thank you.”

~ T. Fraley, Manager, Maryland

Now I can effectively develop my own strategies…

“Thank you for this “8 Simple Steps” information project. I’ve found this to be a very concise, well written and thoughtfully delivered source of information having immediate benefits. You’ve given me insight and understanding I hadn’t reached over the last several years of dealing with cholesterol issues. After reading your emails, I truly feel I understand the subject better and can now more effectively develop my own strategies for keeping a healthier cholesterol balance.

Thank you for the empowerment!”

~ Serg, Naples, FL

My blood pressure is normal again.

“I have taken your advise and thanks to it my blood pressure is normal again. My cholesterol is also back to normal. This is a start to a new life, 15 lbs so far and 40 to go. Hopefully 20 by the end of summer. You are what you eat for sure. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving people healthier lives. You are great.”

~ Barry

Clear and Succinct – Extremely Helpful!

lost 10 pounds

“I have found your information and advice extremely helpful and have been able to lower my cholesterol and maintain healthy levels by following your guidelines. As I receive your messages, I store each one in my “Lisa” file for future reference. I feel very fortunate to have discovered your website and am grateful for your responsiveness as well as the depth of your knowledge, which you offer to your readers in such a clear and succinct fashion. I think you are wonderful!”

~ Diane Moss, DianEdits, Woodside, NY

My blood pressure is now 120/80 mm Hg.

“I’d been monitoring my blood pressure and it was higher than 15/10 cmHg most of the time. I followed all of Lisa’s recommendations and suggestions to lower blood pressure – exercising, healthy eating (low fat and no added salt), and eating more fruits. My blood pressure is now 120/80 mmHg. I’ve never had to take medication. Thanks a lot for your help.”

~ Houshang Razban, Technical Worker, Iran

My average BP is now 122/ 81.

“I got your course as I was taking a history of BP readings for my doctor. Had been prescribed a medication four years ago and had every side effect listed on the label. Was then prescribed a half dose of same stuff. No advice is given at all as to the nature of this condition. Just here, take this.

Anyway, my doc of 25 years had to retire due to illness and I threw the pills away. My average BP is now 122/ 81. I eat well, don’t drink much alcohol, AND LEARNED HOW TO USE MY MACHINE PROPERLY. All on my own, with your help and a few other websites. I choose to maintain this change in habits over taking meds to allow me to keep engaging in unhealthy practices. PS. I feel marvelous. :)”

~ Diane M., dog groomer

Concise and easy to understand.

“I thank you so very much for all the great information and advice. Best I have been able to find that is concise and easy to understand without a lot of extra minutia. Keep em coming.”

~ Bea Langley

I have lost 16 more pounds!

mini diet makeover

“I am doing well with my Mini Diet Makeover. I have lost 16 more pounds! Some changes I’ve made have really helped with not wanting or craving carbs. Also, I wasn’t eating enough and now I am eating more but better. Thanks for all your help.”

Update: “I am still on my diet and have lost 176 pounds total. Your plan helped a lot and I lost an additional 60 pounds since completing the Mini Diet Makeover, so thank you!”

~ Lisa V., Scranton, PA

Excellent Advice – More Thorough Than My Doctor

“I have received your “Lower your Blood Pressure” e-course and find it very helpful, excellent advice – am working with your suggestions. I can snack on nuts, GF pretzels (Glutino brand) with sesame seed instead of salt (delicious!), nuts, fresh and dried fruits and fresh veggies such as carrots and celery or very thin raw slices of larger veggies. It is interesting that eating smaller amounts but more in lieu regular meals is actually helpful.

My husband has high cholesterol and no food allergies along with his elevated blood pressure – drinks a lot of milk (I can drink almond milk but use it mainly for preparing foods here). I need to know what I can do to help him lower his cholesterol.

I also signed up for your heart healthy tips. We both take blood pressure medication: I take 20mg lisinopril and he takes 5mg terazosin and metoprolo for his high blood pressure. So the “Lower Your Blood Pressure” e-course works for each of us.

I don’t believe I wrote a paragraph about how good you are, but I should have. Your advice is excellent and more thorough than my own doctor gives me. Thank you again.”

~ Lore Tarrance, Retired, Keller, TX

Being Healthy is Easy for Me Now

being healthy is easy

“Before starting the Balance Program I was unmotivated. I lacked the energy to take care of my body. Lisa helped me regain my focus by giving me the tools necessary to make life changes with my diet and exercise program. Healthy living is now second nature. Lisa was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you!”

~ Meg G, Teacher, Livingston, MT

Much Needed Help and Encouragement

“As I completed this course I’ve made changes in my diet. One of the biggest changes is in sodium. I was reading labels prior to reading your e-course, but now I am being extra vigilant.

Thank you for the course and for the time-line of 4-6months. I have seen improvements already, but will try to be patient. I really needed the help and the encouragement that the e-course gives.”

~ Pauline Glenn

Helped me refocus to lower LDL

“Lowering my LDL cholesterol has been vexing to me over the years. This course has helped me to refocus and not give up.”

~ Jo-Ann Geary, Teacher

Dropped medications

“I know this plan works for diabetes because it worked for me. I dropped two meds. Still working on blood pressure, but I have dropped one medication and I’m working on another.”

~ Charlie Neuf, retired private detective, age 85

Lowered cholesterol below 199

“Last year in December my Cholesterol was 259 and now it id 204 with several life changes. This E-course helped me know what I need to further to get it below 199. This was an awesome course! A+”

~ purchase agent

Taught me some new tricks of the trade!

“I think your course is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself and others about this vital health matter. My high blood pressure is hereditary, and your course taught me some new tricks of the trade to be even healthier! I wish you continued success. Thank you for the course!”

~ Lester, truck driver

Easy to follow

“This course was easy to follow and allowed me to make simple changes in improving my health. Increased my fitness and made some nutritional changes to my diet to help lower my blood pressure.”

~ Anja, Educator

A Long Way From First Diagnosis

“I wanted to let you know that I gave blood today. Part of the screening is the blood pressure. Mine read 118/76 🙂 That’s a long way from when I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure. Thank you for all your efforts!”

~ Don W., Systems Administration, San Antonio, TX

Taking Your Blood Pressure Advice and It’s Working!

DASH diet

“You told me about the DASH diet and it is working. Not only did it bring down my blood pressure, but I feel a lot better. I have a long way to go, but I’m sticking with it even when my blood pressure is low enough. I hope you continue to write about healthy eating, because I’ll be right there taking your advice. Thanks again!”

~ Jack Donais, Pet and Livestock Sales, Priest River, Idaho

Lowered triglycerides from 702 to 100 in two weeks!

“I was diagnosed with high triglycerides at 702. In two weeks I was retested and it was at 100. I lost 14 pounds Mostly diet no sugars, breads,very very little carbs only downside is lost muscle mass also.”

~ Personal trainer

Saved course messages as a reminder to me…

“I like the no pressure no sales approach. I enjoyed your presentation and have saved them to remind me to be wise about my choices! Thanks!”

~ Paul in Maine

I am finally “getting it”.

DASH diet

“The 7-step course on lowering blood pressure was excellent. Thanks to your knowledge and advice, I am finally “Getting it” and my blood pressure is 120/70. Cutting alcohol, sugar and salt has been beneficial in addition to your many other suggestions. Thank you.”

~ Emily

Thanks so much for all the valuable information.

“Thanks so much for all the valuable information. I was recently (Jan. 2016) diagnosed with high blood pressure so I am doing research to determine how to bring my bp down naturally. I also have a low thyroid problem and high cholesterol so I am trying to get healthy again by eating better and watching my weight. Your suggestions were very much appreciated. I am losing weight and I think my bp is starting to go down, so I will continue to follow this program. Thanks again for all your help!”

~ Ramona Reynolds, retired

I am already feeling good right from the day I started.

“I would like to thank you Lisa for this eCourse, which has been very transforming. We hear alot of myths about high blood pressure which mostly are misleading. I have learnt that the foods we take can either put our heart health at risk but if we pay attention to the DASH diet, its all that simple. I am already feeling good right from the day I started reading these courses and am so hopeful about my future.

I say thank you so much for these eye opening lessons.

~ Miriam Kapunda, Malawi, Africa

Comprehensive and easy to understand.

“This was a nonjudgemental, easy to read, easy to understand comprehensive set of lessons that encourage healthy lifestyle changes.”

~ teacher

Rethinking what I consume…

“The E-Course got me to rethink what I consume. One needs to enjoy life while looking after one’s health. I have reduced my salt intake, increased antioxidants, more fruit, veges and fish. Increased eating food containing omega 3. A bit of extra exercise. This will allow me to still enjoy my glass of red wine which I love.”

~ anonymous, banker (draftsman)

Straight to the point.

“Short. Succinct Straight to the point without having to trawl through reams of text.”

~ anonymous, architectural technician (draftsman)

Easy to apply to my daily routine.

“The information was very helpful and easy to apply to my daily routine. I can remind myself to be aware by looking on my phone. I love Lisa’s sharing about her family.”

~ anonymous, retired

Simple, straight forward and to the point.

“Simple, straight forward and to the point. I was looking for specifics and this e-course gave them to me. Excellent, thank you.”

~ Charlie V., Alberta, Canada

Easy to read, supportive!

“Love the emails, easy to read, supportive! I even got creative in that I found a way to combine better eating and exercise by gardening, raising my own vegetables that we enjoy eating! Continuing our adventures in better health!”

~ Marjolijn Tice, gardener and artist

Down 10 Pounds!

being healthy is easy

“I have been sticking with my meal plan as good as I can, considering that in the summer I work between 8 to 13 hours a day. My workout routine has cut back to 3 times a week and even that is really hard to find time for. But just the other day I got on the scale and I’m at 131!!! I’ve lost close to 10 pounds in the past few months! I am very happy and I feel it’s all thanks to you because you got me started on the right track and gave me so much info about foods and eating healthy so after I get to my ideal weight I know I have the right tools to stay thin and eat right. You were right, if I want permanent results I have to change my lifestyle because a diet is only a temporary fix. So thanks Lisa for putting me on the right track and checking on me.”

~ Alina Popa, Hotel Manager, Cooke City, MT

Gave me the encouragement I needed to get moving in a healthy direction!

“I enjoyed your course because it was just enough information to take in each day, and give serious consideration as I went about my work. Not overwhelming with a lot of facts. I printed out your list of foods to eat and taped them to my fridge as a reminder each morning. My body doesn’t want to be on a lazy diet anymore, and your course gave me the encouragement I needed to get moving in a healthy direction! Thank you!!”

~ Pamela D. Waller, personal home/closet organizer

Great Course for Anyone Trying to Lower Blood Pressure

lower blood pressure

“I found the Free E-Course to be very useful. I am putting into practice the things I have learned and would recommend the course to anyone needing advise on Lowering Their Blood Pressure. Great Course!”

~ Pat, Office Manager

Reduced my LDL cholesterol from 210 to 122!!

“Just want to say that I appreciate your emails and healthy living tips. I have been following many of your suggestions for over a year now and reduced my LDL cholesterol from 210 to 122!! Also increased my HDL through a combination of your dietary recommendations and exercise. When my doctor saw the results she assumed that she had put me on statins because she couldn’t believe I had lowered it that much! I appreciate that you are never trying to push a product or market yourself, but are simply providing excellent advice and help for anyone who wants to make healthy lifestyle changes. Thank you!”

~ Linda Maxwell

My blood pressure has dropped to 139/80!

“Thank you so much for the information you send me. The articles are very helpful and have really helped me make lifestyle changes. I feel better, have more energy, and my blood pressure has dropped to 139/80!”

~ Sandy Williams, Hendersonville, NC

Concise one-stop shop

“A concise one-stop shop on how to control high blood pressure. Thank you!”

~ Oppong Ansu-Gyeabour, retired engineer

Read and save the material.

“I found the course excellent. I was very grateful for the information and insights. I was very grateful for the course. Bought one of the books recommended. Read and save the material.”

~ Frances Durbin, Italy

Thank you so much for this!

“Very good basic information and presented in an encouraging format. I am starting to once again focus on ways to improve my health habits. Thank you so much for this! I appreciate your work in compiling the information and making it available. It is a valuable influence for my current plan to healthy living. All the best for your future endeavors!”

~ anonymous

Pertinent, Pithy and Practical

“Your info is pertinent, pithy and practical. As opposed to medicine-taking, it is also cost-effective. I am discussing your ideas with my physician and she is very interested in the outcome. She is supporting me all the way.”

~ Robert Kibuuka-Musoke, tendotours.com, Uganda, Africa

Excellent bite sized chunks.

“Excellent bite sized chunks of pertinent health information that impacts blood pressure. The format of this course was excellent. I liked that each email covered a new topic and that they quick and easy to read. Thank you for providing this information which answered all of my questions! ”

~ anonymous

Clear, precise, and easy to adapt.

“I loved the e-course. It was clear, precise and easy to adapt to. It was very helpful to know the foods to eat and avoid and to know what supplements that may help. The e-course was very helpful. I’ve been going to doctors for years but your e-course helped me more in that it gave me more information in ways to reduce the blood pressure than i’ve every gotten from a doctor. Thank you.”

~ Jan, Illinois, clerical

The course is excellent.

“The course is excellent. Every day you get a short but informative newsletter which educates one on the health implications of Cholesterol. You provide a valuable complimentary service that everyone can benefit from.”

~ Chris, retired

More In-Depth Than Any Other Source

lowering blood pressure with DASH diet

“Having been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure I was searching the internet to find out more about it when I can across your site. What I learned here is more in-depth then any other article I have come across. Thank you so much!!”

~ Liz Suber, Pittsburgh, PA

The Results Are Amazing

“The ecourse 7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure was good for me. Just learning I had high blood pressure the ecourse made me aware of the risk and has been a great help to moderate myself over the past 2 weeks.The results are amazing. My blood pressure was 170/100 and I’m now usually around 120/80. I feel healthier. Also, back to playing on alternate days and regular brisk walking for about 45 minutes in the evenings.”

~ Mark D’ Almeida, IT Professional, Bahrain

This program has been the best for me.

“I found the ecourse to be an easy way to lower my blood pressure. I’ve been searching and trying hard to learn how tolower my blood pressure and this program has so far been the best for me. Thank you for sharing this kind of information. It is indeed a big help for people like me searching for an easy way to lower our blood pressure. God bless you.”

~ Junas Zulueta, Sales assistant

Triglycerides reduced from 300 to 170.

“Thanks for your support and guidance. I have reduce my TG level from 300 to 170 and would like to reduce to 100.”

~ Imran

Easy to digest.

“I found your E-Course easy to digest. The language is clear and concise. I appreciated the fact that I could easily read each email quickly without getting tangled in a lot of medical terms and didn’t need to wade through pages and pages of information. Thank you.”

~ Patricia Jarvie, Retired but active community volunteer

It really worked.

“Thanks for the inspiring way of learning how to lower blood pressure. On the first occasion, I didn’t know whether it would work, but to my surprise after following the instruction it really worked. I am happy to say that I keep to the system. Thanks very much.”

~ technician

Tips & advice have been very beneficial.

“My husband had a minor stroke at age 47 due to high blood pressure. He’s made a full recovery but it’s one of the scariest things he’s ever been through. He’s finally making dietary changes to lower BP & cholesterol. Your tips & advice have been very beneficial.”

~ anonymous

Easy to Follow and Very Helpful

“The 8 step e-course is in itself very explicit, easy to follow, and contains very helpful information I was not aware of before. I have made many positive changes since completing the e-course, such as drastically decreasing my alcohol intake, walking everyday, avoiding high fat and oily foods, eating more fruits and veggies, and having oatmeal for breakfast. Thanks a lot! You have changed my way of living. Very positive and I feel I will attain my objective.”

~ Rama, Beau Bassin, Mauritius

Something I can do for Myself and My Family

something i can do for myself

“Before I spoke with Lisa, I felt overwhelmed at the changes I needed to make to be healthy. Lisa gave me the support, encouragement and knowledge I needed to focus in on small changes. Now I feel like this is something I can really do for myself and my family!”

~ Rikki K, Mother, Cedar Rapids, IA

My numbers improved a lot.

“Thank you for these tips [7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure ecourse]. It’s only a week since I read your course and my numbers improved a lot. My worries of selecting food to eat is eliminated. I am also sharing this to my family.”

~ Charito

Data I need in one location from someone who knows what they’re talking about. . .

data in one location

“I was able to find much of the same info contained in the eCourse online, (although it is mostly in scattered bits as opposed to all in one place like what you have offered), during the same search that led me to your services. However, it’s difficult to know which info to trust, (some is actually contradictory and confusing), among all of those varying viewpoints. What you have done is excellent! Having all of the data I needed, in one location, from someone who obviously knows what they’re talking about and isn’t trying to sell me the latest “miracle” supplement is exactly what I was looking for.”

~ Tim W, Maintenance Mechanic, Seattle, WA

Controlling my blood pressure by natural means as opposed to popping pills!

“Lisa, l must thank you for your kindness and the help that you give so freely. I have benefited from your program in that I have been able to control my BP by natural means as opposed to popping pills!

I have come to rely more on natural products to help lower my BP. I have cut down on my repeat prescriptions to my Doctor’s amazement, as my BP is lowered to almost normal and I’m not taking the pills on a regular basis.

I’m happy and my Dr’s happy too but l think it’s about time l let him into my secret for he’s still so worried about my cutting down on my tablets intake!

Thank you so much Lisa for your help and caring so much.”

~ Mrs Cecilia Kadiri

Our blood pressures are now quite stable.

“Thank you for all the messages as regards to BP.

My wife and I have been on the following natural foods that I have learned from your info and a number of websites. Now, our blood pressures are quite stable. My wife’s reading is between 110/72 – 120/78 and nine is between 120/75 – 124/79. We have been drinking 1 fresh lemon juiced with 8oz of warm water every morning and then follow with 3 cloves of raw garlic, 1 banana, 1/2 avocado and 1/2 tomato. My wife and I continue to take ACE table of 2.5 mg before going to bed. Not only has our blood pressure reduced, but my cholesterol level has reduced to an ideal level. We consistently exercise every morning for half hour without fail except on Sunday.

I must thank you for all this while you have taken the trouble to encourage and advise me as to how to manage our blood pressure.”

~ Leon

Group Effort So You Aren’t Alone

Group Support

“I really like the NewU weight loss support group! The group has a friendly atmosphere and offers a lot of information. When I post questions they are not only answered quickly but the best part is you don’t get just one answer. Both Ursula Ridens and Lisa Nelson give their input…and other members can comment too. It feels like a group effort so you aren’t going at it alone. NewU gives me the support I need from the comfort of my own home. I definitely recommend NewU for others who are looking for weight loss support too.”

~ Jessica Rock, Mother, San Diego, CA

Steps Towards a Healthier Lifestyle with Your Help and Encouragement

Healthier Lifestyle

“I have never told you how grateful I am of your newsletters. I read every one and attempt to follow some of the suggestions. I pretty much am struggling with almost everything you discuss. In February when I went in for my first physical (yes, I know…..34 and first physical) I was told I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar (borderline). The doctor put me on high blood pressure medicine and told me that he would hold off on meds for the cholesterol to see if I can bring it down on my own within six (6) months. In September I go back to have all my blood work checked again.

I have taken baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle with the help and encouragement of your newsletters. I starting riding my bike 6 miles twice a week in June, then extended my route to 13.5 miles twice a week in July and now I am going to attempt to ride three times a week at 13.5 miles a trip. I eat more fish and salmon (at least once a week). I have also adjusted my vitamins and supplements. I am keeping my fingers crossed that these changes will make my test results better.

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to take care of ourselves.”

~ Elizabeth Hall, Legal Secretary, Salina, KS

Raised my HDL 10% in 1 Month

“This was an enlightening guide and would love to have seen more information. More information on the efficacy of supplements would have also been helpful. As a result of the information here, I raised my HDL cholesterol by 10% so far in the past month.”

~ Alan A., QA Engineer, Phoenix, AZ

Lowered blood pressure to 130/78.

lower blood pressure
“With your advice, diet, exercise and some medication, I managed to bring the values down to 130/78. I am very happy and I am convinced without your suggestions I doubt I would have been able to get those results.”

~ Angelo D’Addario

Already lowered my BP

“Thank you for your guidance and simple explanations of what I need to change. I have already lowered my BP from 159/90 to 127/83.”

~ retired

Great Info — Thank You!

“This is great info. Going food shopping this weekend, taking this list along. Thank you! Will keep you updated on progress.”

~ Barbara R, Word Processor, Coral Gables, FL

Letters I can refer to again and again

“I thank you so much for the good work you have done in my life and so many others who have taken this course [7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure]. I really appreciate what I have learnt and hope to keep all the letters and often go through to make sure it guides me as to what to take and what not to take. I really appreciate them and am grateful.”

~ Charles Fefey

Great info to incorporate more omega 3’s into my diet. . .

omega 3's

“This e-course contained great info about omega fatty acids: what the different kinds are, what they do for you, how much you need, and how to increase them in your diet. It made me check the kind I have in my frig and consider how I could incorporate more into my diet. Thanks for the info!”

    ~ Freya R, Mother, Bozeman, MT

Cholesterol down 26 points. . .

“When I request help and how to lower my cholesterol it was very high, now it’s 26 points lower. Thank you so much for your help. Thank you so much for your help, you’re awesome! ”

    ~ CNA / LVN student

Very Encouraged and Thankful I Followed Your Advice

“I would like to thank you and the Cholesterol Network. In November of last year, I found out I had high blood pressure and an extremely low HDL level (15). I was 39 and had not been to the doctor in over 5 years, so I was really worried about the damage that I might have done. I had no idea how to turn things around, but I knew I had to if I wanted to live through my 40s. I found this site, started excersizing daily, doing everything you suggested, lost 12 pounds, and taking the drugs perscribed by my Dr (Lisinopril 20MG and Simcor 500MG).

This morning, I got the results of my lipid profile and found my HDL was 31 and LDL was 120. I still have a ways to go, but I am very encouraged and very thankful I followed your advice. I can’t tell you how much your encouragement has helped. Thank you!”

~ Joe Wortman, Software Developer, Lake Milton, Ohio

My Eating Habits and Lifestyle Have Changed

“This was a great course and I learned many things. Because of this course my eating habits and lifestyle has changed. I am so excited to have now started doing the thing that I thought was most impossible for me to do. Thanks!”

~ Betty

This Will Be A Great Reminder

“The information is very helpful to me. I am now becoming more aware of my calorie intake and the importance of nutrition and daily activities to help lower blood pressure. I am new to this but I know that it will be a great reminder. Thanks for the info about promoting a healthy heart and lowering blood pressure. =)”

~ Elementary School Teacher

Nonjudgemental and comprehensive.

“This was a nonjudgemental, easy to read, easy to understand comprehensive set of lessons that encourage healthy lifestyle changes.”

~ Teacher

Concise and very understandable.

“Material was concise, very understandable and easy to do every day. See a difference in affect on my blood pressure. Thanks sooo much!”

~ Retired

Good, basic framework.

“This gave me a good, basic framework to start on my quest as I have recently been told to get my cholesterol down or I will have to take meds. I appreciate the information that I have received!”

~ Retired

Practical and attainable.

“I love that all your info is practical and attainable. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but you make it easy to follow with all your suggestions. I am on my way to being healthier me! Thank you!”

~ Office Assistant

Simple, straight forward and to the point

“Simple, straight forward and to the point. I was looking for specifics and this e-course gave them to me. Excellent, thank you.”

~ Charlie V., Alberta, Canada

Told me things my own doctor didn’t go over with me!

“This E-course was very informative. Lisa gave me plenty of good information to help me get on the right track with lowering my cholesterol. She told me things my own doctor didn’t go over with me!.”

~ anonlymous, retired

Basic foods are included—not complicated, unrealistic diet fads

“I am only days into the course, but already I have modified my diet. Your diet suggestions are easy to implement because only basic foods are included–not complicated, unrealistic diet fads. Your coverage is comprehensive and thorough, presented in terms which the average person can understand and put to use easily.”

~ Sandy, retired

Reliable Information that Saved Me Time

“I have found your course (7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure) very interesting and have worked hard on lowering my blood pressure without medication. I feel strongly that doctors push drugs when they should be concentrating on other ways. I’m looking forward to going back to my doctor in 2 weeks time with a lower pressure and without medication.”

~ Val, printer

Highly Informative Insight

“A very highly informative insight into my cholesterol condition. I’ve managed to get my cholesterol level down from 17.4 to 7.9 mainly due to going into the detail from your e-course and looking more at what I eat. I wanted to thank you again!”

~ Geoff Hazells, Plumber, United Kingdom

From 184/114 to 125/84 in 4 weeks.

“I have readings for the past 3 days without taking Amlodine and all readings are within normal limits or lower.

My lifestyle has changed. I rest more, am more relaxed, and I now drink more water. I believe my blood pressure will be managed by natural means and not tablets. I will be working with my doctor, as well as praying.

Thank you for your help. My blood pressure was 184/114 just 4 weeks ago and this morning its 125/84 (sitting) and 117/75 (standing).”

~ Joyce

Easy to Understand, Practical Information

“I found your e-course very informative, concise and to the point. It did not take up a great deal of time yet gave a broad overview of the situation. It was easy to understand and was packed with practical information. The response time to my questions was great and very professional.”

~ Stephan du Toit, Wine Maker, South Africa

Really Enjoy the Great Information You Provide

“I’m a big fan! I’ve been receiving your newsletters for a while now and really enjoy the great information you provide. I so wish I could meet with you face to face. I need a total body makeover! Not only do I have Diabetes Type II, but I also suffer from Hypothalamic Obesity due to a brain tumor I had at the age of 16. I have no working hormones, so thereefore I suffer from numerous problems, including extreme fatigue, and have a really hard time taking good care of myself. Over the years I’ve developed high cholesterol, extremely high triglyceride levels, and most recently high blood pressure. I live in fear every day that I’m going to die of a heart attack. If you ever need a “test patient,” I’m your gal.”

~ Kathleen Dunagan

Long Term Support

long term support

“If it weren’t for your breastfeeding advice and support, I know I would’ve given up on nursing after just a few weeks of trying. . . you have helped me several times over the years and I truly appreciate it!”

~ Julie W, Teacher, Salina, KS

Easier Than I Thought

“I have made the changes necessary, your course has been very helpful and I am so glad I asked for your help. It has been easier than I thought which is GREAT! Hopefully the results will reflect in my lab tests scheduled for early April. Thanks so much for your help…wonderful that you are so com