How to Lower Blood Pressure in 7 Simple Steps
Reduce or Eliminate Your Need for Medication
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-- 3 critical minerals to add to your diet
-- Which foods are causing your blood pressure to rise
-- The most effective diet plan to lower levels in just 2 weeks
-- How to maintain a normal blood pressure long term
"I have lived with high blood pressure for many years and tried so many things to get it down. Not being really overweight, I still tried everything like exercise and walking every day. Due to my high blood pressure (176/133) I could not have a needed operation. This is when I found Lisa Nelson RD. I learned to be careful with my food and look out for hidden salts. I cut down on sugar and eliminated things Lisa suggested. As a result, and to the sheer delight of both myself and my doctor, my blood pressure dropped to normal!”"
- Janet Duff
"I'd been monitoring my blood pressure and it was higher than 150/100 most of the time. I followed all of Lisa’s recommendations and suggestions to lower blood pressure. My blood pressure is now 120/80 mmHg. I’ve never had to take medication. Thanks a lot for your help."
- Houshang Razban, Technical Worker
"I wanted to share some great news with you. I had my checkup with my cardiovascular doctor yesterday and my blood pressure, which was 150/90 two months ago, dropped to 130/80!!! The doctor was clearly impressed and asked what I had been doing, as he rarely sees folks being able to reduce their numbers. I told him I had been following the DASH diet and increasing my daily physical activity with running, cycling and a 30 minute walk at lunchtime. His response was “well you certainly don’t need a cardio doctor!A big thanks goes to the material you provided which educated me on what I needed to do."
- Jeff Jennings
"I lowered my bad BP numbers to good ones like 117/77 in just six weeks! Cut out all salt additives, lost 15 pounds and started running/ fast walking in the gym and some swimming. No meds before or after. You just might have saved me a lot of grief!"
- Kim Kohl, Dallas, Texas
"I took my blood pressure late yesterday and got a reading of 121/63. I thought this can’t be right so I did it two more times and got 121/62 and 119/62. What a difference from my usual 135/76 average!"
-  John Doyle
Provided by Lisa Nelson RD
Lisa Nelson RD, a registered dietitian since 1999, provides clients step-by-step guidance to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, so they can live life and enjoy their family for years to come. Lisa’s passion for health comes from her own family history of heart disease, so she doesn’t dispense trendy treatments; Lisa practices what she teaches in her own daily life. Because her own health is the foundation of her expertise, you can trust that Lisa will make it truly possible for you to see dramatic changes in your health, without crazy fads or impossibly difficult techniques.