Why am I always hungry? Are women biologically hungrier than men?

Do you frequently ask yourself – why am I always hungry?

I just read an interesting study I want to share with you. This research was done at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Thirteen men women and 10 men were asked about their favorite foods, taught a cognitive inhibition technique, and then were asked to fast overnight. The next day they received brain scans as they were presented their favorite foods. Results showed all participants indicated the cognitive-inhibition technique helped reduce their level of hunger. Interestingly, only men’s brains showed a decrease in hunger signals. Even though women stated they were less hungry, the brain scans showed their brains firing away signals to eat.

Maybe this is one reason the incidence of obesity is higher for women. It’s speculated that the difference is biological and women are programmed to eat whenever food is available as part of the ingrained need to provide nutrition to children.

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Lisa Nelson RD
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