Reduce Heart Failure with Weight Loss and Activity

The Physician’s Heart Study followed over 21,000 between the ages of 40 and 84 for over 20 years. They found a significant link between weight, activity, and heart failure I want to share with you.

Both weight and physical activity were independently linked to risk of heart failure.


Having a high BMI increased heart failure risk in both active and sedentary men. For every additional 7 pounds on a man 5 foot 10 inches tall, risk for heart failure increased 11%.

Physical Activity

Vigorous physical activity reduced heart failure risk in lean, overweight, and obese men. Men that exercised vigorously only 1-3 times a month reduced their heart failure risk 18%. The more frequent and vigorous the exercise the greater the benefit. Very active men, exercising vigorously 5-7 days per week reduced heart failure risk 36%.

The combined risk of obesity and physical activity is substantial. When compared to lean men who were vigorously active 1-3 each month risk of heart failure increased 19% for men that were lean (BMI less than 25), but inactive, 49% in overweight active men, 78% in overweight inactive men, 168% in obese active men, and 293% in obese inactive men.

Key point I want you to take from this post:

This study shows a little activity has substantial benefits. By being vigorously active just 1-3 days each month you can cut your risk 18%.

Get moving!

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All the best,
Lisa Nelson RD
Be Heart Healthy and Lose Weight