How to Lower Cholesterol in 8 Simple Steps
Reduce or Eliminate Your Need for Medication Naturally

Fundamental E-Course designed to…

  • Identify what to add to your diet to lower cholesterol right now.
  • Show you foods that have the greatest impact on triglycerides…and what you can do to lower triglycerides.
  • Provide steps to increase your HDL ‘good’ cholesterol levels.
  • Establish a plan to maintain healthy choelsterol levels for a long and healthy life.

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Lowered Total Cholesterol Over 75 Points in 3 Months

“When I began the ecourse my cholesterol was high at 271 with an LDL of 220, HDL 51, and triglycerides of 155. Over 3 months I implemented the steps outlined by Lisa. I have lost ~30 pounds and I lowered my cholesterol to below 200, my LDL is down to 132, HDL up to 54, and triglycerides dropped to 47! I feel the best I have in years and look forward to seeing my next lab results!” ~ Dennis Daniel

Lowered Triglycerides from 447 to 131 in just 8 1/2 weeks!

“By following your sage advice I have lowered my cholesterol from 232 to 161 in just 8 1/2 weeks! My Triglycerides went from 447 to 131 as well. No drugs!!! This was all with diet and a half hour of exercise three times a week. I am on cloud nine!” ~ Pamela Webster, 44 years-old, Cayman Islands