Here's another omega 3 option – Calamarine

The typical American diet tends to be low in omega 3 fatty acids, approximately 120 mg DHA/day, which is an omega 3 supplement may be beneficial. Some benefits omega 3’s have been linked to improvement in arrhythmias, blood pressure, lipoprotein(a) levels, arterial inflammation, HDL cholesterol, and endothelial function.

Fish oil is a very common source individuals choose to supplement to boost their intake of omega 3 fatty acids. Tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, and anchovies are common fish used for the production of fish oil supplements. Fish oil tends to have equal levels of EPA and DHA or in some cases may be slightly higher in EPA content.

A New Option

A new option produced by Pharma Marine Group is Calamarine. Calamarine is obtained from calamari, or squid, and contains higher levels of DHA. The company is also able to market Calamarine as “eco-friendly” because squid have a brief life cycle, breed rapidly, and are not endangered. Especially important with concerns regarding over-harvesting of our marine life, which fish oil production may play a part.

I’ve just started using this supplement myself and know leading cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra has recently made a switch in the composition of some of his pharmaceutical products to replace the fish oil with Calamarine.

Do you need to switch?

I’m sharing this to make you aware of another option. That doesn’t mean you necessarily need to make a switch. That would depend on the level of your risk and how aggressively you are treating your condition. Be sure to discuss all supplements with your physician.

All the best,
Lisa Nelson RD

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