9 Mobile Health Apps to Support Heart Health

Health Related Apps Are Expanding

There has been a worldwide increased emphasize on health and fitness, this means businesses in this industry are going to do all they can to take advantage of this growing market of consumers. . . us.

According to the “Mobile Devices and mHealth” report by ABI, it’s projected that mobile health care application will grow from a $120 million dollar marketplace in 2010 to $400 million in 2016. It’s anticipated that new technologies will enhance the effectiveness of fitness applications to transmit data between mobile devices to better complement the workout experience.

Do you have a smart phone or other mobile device you can use to take advantage of these applications? These apps are a tool you can use to support your healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

Here are 5 heart health apps to check out:

1. Blood Pressure Diary

Simply add your blood pressure each time it is checked and the diary generates charts to make it easier for you and your doctor to evaluate your progress.

2. Fit

Application developed by Garmin links your activities and recorded workout history with the Garmin Connect Web portal so you can track fitness goals.

3. Cholesterol Tracker

Simple way to keep track and monitor you cholesterol levels – total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

4. BMI Calculator

Track your weight loss progress with an app that calculates your BMI for you and allows you to compare your progress.

5. Fitness Buddy

Simple way to keep track of how much you really are working out and even allows you to create your own custom workouts.

6. iFood Diary

Allows you to track your daily food and beverage intake for easy diet analysis.

7. Dirty Dozen

Out shopping and can’t remember which fruits and vegetables you should opt to purchase as organic. This little app will pull up the dirty dozen so you can make wise selections when shopping.

8. Shopping List

You know you shouldn’t grocery shop without a list right? Much more likely to purchase foods you don’t need. This app allows you to manage and organize your grocery list.

9. Calorie Counter

This app allows you to create your own diet and activity plans. You can even track your mood, water intake, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

These are only nine apps out of what may be hundreds (thousands?) of options and I have tried all the above myself. I just went to the itunes app library and did some searching to get an idea of what all is available. These can be used as tools to support you on your journey to better health and wellness. Do some searching yourself to see what would most benefit you. If you have a health app you love and highly recommend, please share it below.

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All the best,
Lisa Nelson RD